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40 Students In Each School

The School is open to anybody who wishes to grow in the faith. Since it starts off at a foundational level even somebody who has no knowledge about Jesus whatsoever can join it. However, since it gets very deep, very quickly, even those who are spiritually mature will discover that they are learning a lot that is new, in addition to getting new insights about things that they have long been familiar with. Regardless of how high you are on the spiritual ladder, this School will give you tremendous knowledge and empowerment.

There is a Come-and-See policy in place, whereby people are encouraged to check out the School of Discipleship for the first module, which is for five weeks. During this time people are free to drop out in the unlikely event that they do not like it.

At the end of five weeks, if you decide you wish to continue you will need to commit yourself to the School for the remainder of the year, undertaking to attend every class (unless totally unavoidable) and do the assignments given to you. This is required in writing to ensure the person understands the seriousness of what they are undertaking to do. The reason the commitment is required is because students are paired up to be Accountability Partners (see Box) and are also knit together in teams. Anyone leaving in the middle would disrupt the entire system.

People cannot join in the middle of the program either for the same reason—they would disrupt the system— but more so because they would not be able to comprehend advanced lessons if they have missed the preceding lessons.

At the end of the first module, when everyone has committed to the School, two people of the same sex and approximately of the same age and living in the same location are partnered. They have to call each other every day and make sure that the other has done what is needed. It is a tremendous source of support to have somebody you can depend on. But this is not the only support you have. The School also has Teams.

Teams are formed comprising sets of Accountability Partners. In a typical school comprising 42 people (which is the maximum number recommended in each School), there are 7 teams of 6 people each. Team members provide you with additional moral and spiritual support in your journey towards discipleship, although you stand shoulder to shoulder with every member of the community. You will never have a family quite like this!