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8 Modules, Each Of Five Sessions

The School is for a year. As advised, there are eight modules. Each module has five sessions. 8 x 5 gives you a total of 40. A year has 52 weeks, so what about the extra 12?

There are 4 workshops held over 4 weeks in-between modules. Two workshops are on leading praise and worship, and two on teaching and preaching. These workshops are part of the syllabus because everyone in the School has to lead worship and give a short teaching at some point. This is how people discover gifts they have.

The remaining 8 weeks are for community bonding. At the end of each module, there is a break for a week before starting the next module. But although students don’t get together for a teaching, this break is spent alternately in a social

outing and a charitable group activity. Which means that during one break everybody goes out for a movie, bowling, whatever the community likes to do for fun. And during the second break the community visits the sick, feeds the homeless or spends time in some other social activity.

The purpose of the School is not just about learning the faith; it is about living it (see James 2:14-17). There is an emphasis on practical application for everything that is learnt. For instance, after the session on Study (which is part of Module 2) participants have to read a prescribed number of chapters of the Bible each week, in addition to meditating on a passage or two and memorizing a verse or two.

And then there is the emphasis on sharing the faith. Once a student knows the faith and starts living it actively they are duty bound to share it with others and the School helps to empower them to do so. At the end of the year they have to teach others what they have learned either through a new School of Discipleship that is planted, or through a prayer group that they might wish to return to.