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Fact Sheet

The HSI Schools of Discipleship are fueling a new revival within the Church, something desperately needed for these trying times where Christians are dwindling in numbers so rapidly that demographic studies show they will be a minority in most countries in the world within a few short years. The Schools of Discipleship help to reverse that trend and you can be part of the process by animating or joining one of them.

What is the purpose of the School? 

The main purpose is to train people in the faith: to learn it, to live it and to share it. Using a very structured approach the School lays a foundation and then gradually builds upon it so that participants grow systematically in a knowledge of their faith until they are in a position of confidence and knowledge to share this faith with others.

How long is it? What does it cover?

The School is a 52 week year long program covering a variety of subjects, referred to as modules. There are eight modules in the School of Discipleship. Each module has five sessions covering a variety of subjects. There are also 4 workshops. There is a week’s break between modules which is spent alternately in a social outing and a charitable group activity.

Who can join?

The School is open to anybody who wishes to grow in the faith. Since it starts off at a foundational level, even somebody who has no knowledge about Jesus whatsoever can join it. However, since it gets very deep, very quickly, even those who are spiritually mature will discover that they are learning a lot that is new, in addition to getting new insights about things that they have long been familiar with. 

How many people are there in a School?

We have a maximum of forty people in each School to maximize the learning and sharing experience. This year we are hoping to have even smaller batches of students to allow for more personalized attention.

Can my children be part of the School?

Yes! We believe that families need to grow in the faith together and children are very welcome to be part of the School. They will assuredly love it. If they are too small we will try to provide baby sitting facilities. 

Are there conditions to joining?

People interested in joining the School have to commit to the year-long program. There is, however, a Come-and-See policy in place, whereby people are encouraged to check out the School of Discipleship for the first module—that’s five weeks—before committing to it.

What’s a typical meeting like?

The first half hour is spent in praise and worship. This is followed by a 45 minute talk on the topic of the week. Following the first talk, the group is broken up into smaller groups of 4-6 people, where they discuss the subject matter for about 20 minutes. Discussion Questions are provided. Coffee and tea is served with biscuits during this time. After the group discussion, there is a second talk for 45 minutes. The meeting concludes with a meal in true apostolic tradition. 

When and where is it held?

To ensure that you are able to attend classes we will have Schools on the weekends in various locations. You can select the one most convenient to you.

What’s the cost? 

Nothing. The School is totally free. All resource material is made available electronically either as a pdf file for the notes or a YouTube video for the sermons at no cost. 

What if I miss a meeting?

It is important that students don’t miss meetings because there is a lot of information imparted in each meeting. However, if you miss a meeting due to unavoidable reasons—like a severe illness or if you are out of town—Accountability Partners or Team members should help fill you in on what you have missed. Additionally, as mentioned, there are notes in pdf format and recordings of the talks on video available for every session.

What happens when the School ends?

If you were part of a prayer group or a church ministry when you joined the School of Discipleship, you are encouraged to return to your group and help grow it with the deeper knowledge and understanding of the faith that you have obtained during your year in the School. 

If you are not part of a group, then you can be part of the teams engaged in building more Schools in other parts of your city or the world, or involve yourself in one of the several ministries that exist within this ministry. This includes film, radio and television, seminars and retreats, web development, social media, children and youth ministry, and publishing, among several other things. 

Ok! How do I join?

The next School(s) of Discipleship start locally at the end of this year. There is a tremendous rush to be part of it. To avoid disappointment, register now using the attached form or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name, age, sex, telephone number, email address, and location. We will provide you with more information

Have more questions? Refer to the School of Discipleship brochure which you can download here: http://goo.gl/FJPe7F

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