Healed of Varicose Veins

We belong to God, are his inheritance, called to live a life of abundance. The grace of the Living God in us is all the strength we need to live that promised life of riches, power and glory. This has been the underlying message at all the teachings at HSI Jebel Ali over the last few months.

I have been suffering from severe and painful varicose veins on both my legs for the last 13 years. The compression stockings had become more or less a body part. I could never imagine standing for even 15 minutes without having the compression stocking on from knees to toes. The veins would bulge out and the pain would just be so unbearable.

At the meeting on Hope Riches and Power, the preacher prodded us to open the eyes of our heart to see the hope to which Jesus has called us and through him, the right to lay claim to the riches of his glorious inheritance of an abundant lif We e and his incomparably great power for us who believe. I knew in my head that this power was in me but needed to believe in my heart that he will use that power towards me if I allowed him to do so. That was faith and it needed to be exercised.

The same God who removed the stone from the grave and brought Jesus back to life would surely change the way I lived the 'Truth' if I only believed.

On 22 June, I told my God and myself that I was never ever going to wear those stockings again and it’s a month since I am going about doing everything normally without the stocking, and absolutely no bulging of the veins or swelling or pain. I had not known this for so many years, but now I know and believe that Jesus, by his stripes and through his grace, has healed me. Praise and Glory to the awesome and faithful God we love and serve. - Anand Rajan 

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