Many Blessings

My husband was without a job for one and a half years. Finally he got a job, but his visa was taking an inordinately long time to come through. During the HSI meeting in Sharjah, the preacher asked us to put forth our needs to the Lord and I lifted my husband in prayer. Before the meeting he had told me that he still hadn’t got it, and it seemed like he would have to wait for yet another day before he got any news because working hours were over. However, immediately after the meeting I got a call from my husband who told me his visa was done. Coincidence? Or an answer to prayer? I believe God hears, because that same evening I also prayed my husband would have a change of heart and trust in the Lord. The following day I discovered that he had gone for counseling, which he had followed up with a confession, something he had not done in years. All praise and thanks to our Lord Jesus for being with me and my family always. - Susan Pinto