Healed from Depression

All the staff at the bank where I work have been suffering under the rule of a ruthless and conniving manager who lacked empathy and true concern for anyone. She believed in a hire-and-fire policy and was very harsh in her language as she went about getting her work done by any means possible. As a result of this, her personal assistant underwent extreme levels of stress that drove her self esteem to an all time low and also affected her health big time. Reaching breaking point this young girl approached me for help. I told her about our Lord and how he would not leave her to burn in the fire, but she had to cling to him and pray daily. I prayed with her and for her, myself. I also gave her many scripture verses to claim as she was not regular in going to Church and did not seem to know the Bible much. Slowly she began praying more and we requested other staff, mostly non Christians, to pray as well. I started sprinkling holy water over our office casting out evil in Jesus’ name, claiming his victory over the situation. I gave the assistant blessed water too, which she sprinkled around her work area. I believed firmly that God had a plan and was going to move the mountain. God did intervene in the matter, true to his promise. All those who were initially afraid to voice their sentiments finally opened up in an inquiry that was initiated, and the manager was suspended from work. Not only has peace been restored to our department, but the girl’s health has begun improving as well. The icing on the cake was when a co-worker of another faith came and said, “Your God is a great God. It’s a miracle.” I believe that if we persevere in prayer, remain steadfast in our faith, and claim his triumph over evil, we will have victory in all things. - Melanie Hendricks

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