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Thursday, 18 April 2019 08:42

Reflection (20/04/2019)

I Know How Jesus Felt - A Reflection on Luke 24:1-12 

Last year, around this time I was preparing a sermon for Easter and an image from Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion of the Christ’ suddenly came to mind. When Jesus was taken to the gates of the city and given his cross to carry, he embraced it, hugging it for dear life. It is was such a powerful image, there is a good chance that you might recollect it.

Why did he embrace it as he did? And even as I asked the question, I had a rapid succession of insights about life and death that were very illuminating, the notable one being that there isn’t any way to the other side, to be truly born again, without the death that comes before, and the darkness and the pain. It is why Jesus said that unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies it bears no fruit (see John 12:24). I put it all down in song, and for something a little different today, I give you that song. It’s called “I Know How Jesus Felt”.


I gotta tell you what I’m feeling Lord,
A great deep sense of loss
I imagine that is how you felt,
On your way up to the Cross.

That day at the Last Supper,
Eating with your friends
I know the pain that you went through,
The betrayal at the end.

Refrain: Oh Jesus, I know how you felt (2)

I feel like you felt in the garden, Lord,
I have a sense of fear,
I don’t know what’s gonna happen, Lord,
I feel my end is near.

I trusted my friends to be with me,
To stay in my hour of need,
But just like how it happened with you,
They didn’t pay no heed.


I wanna pray like you did, Lord,
“Please take this cup from me,”
And though you said “Let your will be done”
I’m not as brave as I wanna be.

Then my foes, they took their aim,
And tried to bring me down,
And those who said they’d stick with me,
They just didn’t hang around.


And now I'm here, standing Lord,
Looking at my cross,
But I now see it the way you did,
That this is what it costs.

There ain’t no way to the other side,
To be truly born again,
Without the death that comes before,
And the darkness and the pain.


That’s why you hugged your cross, I know
Though you knew you’d be crucified,
Knowing what lay beyond death and the tomb,
Was life on the other side.

So now I’m not afraid, O Lord,
Of anything life might bring,
Through pain and hurt and a broken heart,
I have a new song to sing!

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