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Saturday, 21 March 2015 00:00

Inspiration (21/03/15)

In Tune

Have you at sometime watched a symphony orchestra as a performance is about to begin? The musicians sit and stand about, strumming on strings, blowing into horns, beating on drums. There is a lot of noise, but no music. Then the conductor enters. He walks to his podium and steps up onto it. His eye sweeps the scene before him-all the musicians and all their instruments. He lifts his baton, pauses there for a moment, then he gives the downbeat. Instantly there is music; all instuments blend into one harmonious whole.
Our human spirits are a lot like symphony orchestras. Within us there may be discordant elements, warring factions that pull this way or that, and we are out of focus, out of tune-we are just not together within. As an orchestra needs a master control, so do we. When we turn the whole focus of our attention to our Lord and acknowledge that He is in command, our lives will give forth harmonious music.