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Sunday, 07 May 2017 17:14

Inspiration (08/05/20)

The Meaning of Worship

Worship that is accepted by God is a privilege unique to the Christian (1Pe_2:5). It is not a right. I am permitted to offer acceptable worship only by the grace of God.

Therefore it is disheartening when children of God deliberately reject this privilege and wantonly absent themselves from the public assembly God has ordained for His glory and our good.

Consider briefly the significance of worship:

It is obedience to a divine command.

It is a means of nourishing the spirit.

It assists in achieving spiritual growth.

It encourages others in their spiritual development.

It shows the world where my priorities are.

It is one means of expressing my love for God.

It is an avenue God has provided by which I can praise His name.

It is the offering of spiritual sacrifices.

It is a way of showing my thanksgiving to God for all He has done for me.

It is a period of communion with God with the world shut out entirely.

It is an experience that should make the heart of every Christian glad!

Will you join your fellow Christians this Lord's day as they assemble to honor His name? Your Father will be looking for you.

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