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Friday, 21 April 2017 08:08

Inspiration (22/04/19)

Frequent but Not Common

Bill Smith. There may be no name more common in the English language. In a seminary class, one professor related an event that happened his first day in college.

His teacher professed an uncanny command of the English language. It seemed that he always pulled out the most appropriate word for the occasion. On this, the first day of school, he was calling the roll. After recognizing each student he made some pertinent comment about his name-its history, meaning, or some historically related story. Finally, he came to Bill Smith. He said with a pause and in a reflective tone, "Bill Smith...that is a common name." Stirred from within, Bill arose from his seat and said in a loving but firm tone, "Sir, Bill Smith may be frequent but not common."

Who among us has not lived under the teacher's philosophy? Thinking there is nothing special about ourselves, we have concluded that we are common, everyday, ordinary. Let us continually remind ourselves that each one of us is a chosen person, a royal priest, a member of a holy nation, a person that belongs to God (1 Peter 2:9).

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