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Saturday, 18 February 2017 17:21

Inspiration (19/06/19)

How Men Hate and Fear the Bible

Only one book is banned from the government schools of America, though once it was in every classroom on the teachers' desks and read daily to the students.

Only one book is hated and feared by Communists, humanists and other atheistic groups. They claim that it is only a book of myths and legends, but they cannot tolerate it.

A religious liberal years ago was attacking the Bible in his weekly column in a local newspaper. He said that the Bible was full of errors, contradictions, superstitions, folklore and mythology. We requested permission from the newspaper to answer him week by week, line by line.

In our answer, we asked him why, if the Bible was only a man-made book of legends, he could not let it alone. Why the weird bent to discredit it?

When 10,000 Bibles were sent from America to the people of Romania, Communist Director Nicolas Ceausescu accepted them in order to get favored-nation status from the United States Congress. He then shipped them to a paper mill to be recycled into toilet paper. They were so poorly recycled that Bible words such as Esau, Jeremiah and God remained visible (Reader's Digest, July, 1990, p. 84).
The wicked Communist leader eventually met a horrible death as his regime was toppled by the people he had persecuted. The anvil of God's Word had broken another little human hammer that beat upon it.
The enemies of God's Word will be judged by the Word which they reject, despise and hate. The redeemed will be saved by the Word which they accept and love.

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