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Saturday, 05 November 2016 06:01

Inspiration (07/07/19)

Glorious Conversion

In the spring of a.d. 372, a young man in great distress of mind flung himself on the ground and burst into tears. The sins of his youth weighed heavily on his soul. Overhearing a chance conversation from a neighboring house, he was led to read the thirteenth chapter of Romans, and as a result was gloriously converted. In the language of Gaussen, "Jesus had conquered, and the grand career of Augustine, the holiest of the fathers, then commenced. A passage of God's Word had kindled that glorious luminary, which was to enlighten the Church for ten centuries ... even to this present day. After thirty-one years of revolt, combats and misery-faith, life and eternal peace came to this erring soul; a new day, an eternal day, came upon it."

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