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Monday, 14 March 2016 11:12

Inspiration (15/03/19)

He Gave Up His Place

When the government phased out its surplus commodity food program, one man went early to the last distribution to secure a place in line before the foodstuffs ran out.

A few hours later, he was near the door where the cheese, butter, dry milk and peanut butter were handed out. He saw a friend walking by and called him by name.

He knew the man. Neither his wife nor he had any work for some time. They had four children. The man confirmed that his prospects were poor.

The man in line knew the food would run out soon, but he told the unemployed family man to take his place in the line. The poor man did so and the other went back to the end of the line.

Within a short time the distribution ended and the one who gave up his place had also given up his food.
This is like Jesus Christ, who drew us into His place, while He stepped in ours, taking upon Himself all the consequences of our failures.

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