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Friday, 05 June 2015 00:00

Inspiration (05/06/15)


REACH!-meaning "to stretch." It implies an inconvenience. It involves movement. You can't lean back, relax, get comfortable-and then reach, without giving up some of the comfort (at least for a moment). Reaching involves a little extra effort to get to something you want. How much extra energy you are willing to spend depends on how badly you want what you're reaching for. The more it means to you, the farther you are willing to stretch (even if it hurts).

It's not convenient to "reach" up to God to find the hand He lovingly extends to us; or to reach out to other people who so desperately need to know someone cares. It's not even easy to reach within ourselves to find our true feelings and values. But there is no more important way for us to spend our energy than to reach for a life that is pure, clean, and faithful to God. It may seem like a lot of trouble-but it's worth it!

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