The Transfiguration

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It is not by chance that Jesus sets these three apostles apart and invites them to go up to the mountain with him, just like Moses went up to Mt Sinai encountered the glory of God.

We too are called to have a God experience, in prayer. Internal silence predisposes us to listen to his invitation. In the practice of contemplative prayer, I start by paying attention to my breathing to obtain internal silence. When I am distracted, I return to this breathing.

Then I practice the presence of God. I become aware of Abba Father carrying me in his hands. I ask him to provide me with all the resources I need, to live as his son today. I stand beneath the cross and allow Jesus' precious blood to cleanse me and give me a transfusion so that he may live in me. I invite the Holy Spirit to be my comforter, guide, teacher and friend. I express a longing in my heart for union with this Triune God. I surrender all to Him, especially my weakness and brokeness. I offer myself to Him to build his kingdom in the here and now. I seek to do God's will and ask for the strength to do it today.

This is a daily transfiguration experience, to see myself through His eyes as precious and loved. I listen to what He is saying to me through His life-giving Word. I feel empowered to obey it and implement it in my life so that the Word may become flesh and dwell in me.

So many of us are restless and lack the presence and peace of God in our lives, in our frenetic search for meaning in things, possessions and events. All of us have to face set-backs, temptations and trials. Life is full of new beginnings. We ought never to become confident in ourselves that we are managing by the prayers we recite. If we do fall into such pharisaism, we will certainly fall. But Jesus knows our every weakness. He gives us moments of transfiguration to strengthen us to face the shame, the sadness, the rejection, the loneliness of Calvary in our lives.

A prayer, a message of hope, a phone call, an embrace of a loved one gives them an awareness that they are not alone and that God loves them.

So let us pray with and for others in their moments of Gethsemane everyday, by lifting up all those who suffer to God, who alone is Holy and the source of all our strength. May Mary our Mother stand beneath the cross in our suffering too, so that she may give us courage and hope to believe in Jesus, our Saviour and Lord.

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