The Wedding Feast of Cana

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Let us join Jesus and his disciples at this wedding feast. We enjoy the food, drink, music and dancing, laughter and merriment. Why shouldn't we? Then we hear of this young couple being embarrassed, because they do not have enough wine to give their guests. We witness their embarrassment turn to gratitude. Jesus changes the ordinary water in the 6 stone water jars, into excellent wine.

Like the waiters who fill the jars with water and then are told to draw out some and give it to the chief steward, we too need to obey the Lord. Let us do whatever he tells us to do. As I look into my life, I can see how Jesus wants to use me for mission, again and again.

I have to prepare a series of talks to give on a retreat to Priests or Religious. Maybe, I have to write an article like this one. Or perhaps I am called to preach at a Mass or Novena. Or I am required to listen, counsel, give help or spiritual direction to someone in distress. I may have to visit a sick person or pray for healing that is physical, spiritual or emotional. At times, I have to prepare power point presentations or use some visuals and music to present my message. I help in the formation of newly ordained priests.

All these apostolates are really beyond my meager knowledge, failing memory, lack of patience, slowness in grasping technical jargon or using modern technological skills that appear so easy to youth. There is a temptation to retire and excuse myself. There is the fear of failure or embarrassment when I rely on my own skills or past learning. But I do believe that the Lord uses me quite powerfully again and again to touch the lives and hearts of many people. I offer him bread and wine every morning and he changes it in the power of the Spirit into his own body and blood. So why can't I offer him also the "water" of my mental, physical or emotional gifts that he gave me, so that they may be transformed by the Spirit to nourish his people.

I thank God for giving me a charism to love, understand and reach out to many thousands of couples who are preparing for marriage and to be involved in enrichment and counseling programmes to help married couples. His first miracle was for a married couple in distress and I am really glad to allow Jesus to use me now to touch the lives of many couples with his grace and love.

Please pray that more and more priests may be involved in apostolates, that build up the marriages and homes of couples so that their children may be formed in the values of the Gospel. This is of prime importance. We are only the waiters who fill the jars with water. Jesus does the rest. Mary who loves every couple wants them to believe in her son, Jesus to whom nothing is impossible.

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