Agony of Our Lord in the Garden

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Pray to the Holy Spirit and then prayerfully read Matthew 26: 36-56

I think of people I know who are suffering intensely and have asked me to pray for them. They may be suffering physically, emotionally or spiritually and need encouragement, help or comfort to accompany them. If I cannot be present to pray with and for them, I can do so now. Jesus identifies with those who are suffering in Mt 25. In prayer, I can support and strengthen them, as a prayer partner. Perhaps this will lead me to sharing with them in other practical ways to alleviate their suffering.

Sometimes we betray others who trusted us or counted on us. We often take certain people who love us for granted and are not there to help them. We may even betray their love and trust by negative remarks or actions. We too feel betrayed, rejected or let down by those on whose support and love we counted. Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss of peace. Sometimes we share the peace of Christ with others in a mechanical way. What is the price I have to pay to reconcile people or to bring peace to those who are alienated or hurt? Is it the price that Jesus paid on the cross?

Do I believe in the power of the precious blood of Jesus to forgive, reconcile and unite us when we are divided or alienated? Ask in faith in Jesus' name and apply his precious blood to the persons or situation in need of healing. That includes ourselves when we are hurt or find it hard to resist temptations. I can vouch for the tremendous power in the blood of Jesus to work miracles of grace.

Do I rely on the sword … either power shown in words or actions to protect, defend or avenge myself? Do I cry to God in this hour of helplessness? Sometimes, God allows us to be victims with Jesus on the cross, to reconcile and bring his peace to warring parties and to heal divisions. Our world is urgently in need of reconciliation and peace on all levels… the home, neighborhood, work-place, parish, public life, cities and villages where we read about divisions and war. Many are in gardens of Gethsemane undergoing Jesus' pain and torment. Let us watch with them and pray.

At the hour of our death may Mary be there to lead us into Paradise.


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