The Mystery of the Annunciation

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We start by praying to the Holy Spirit to be our Teacher and Helper to understand and live this mystery. Annunciation means that the Angel announced to Mary the good news that God had chosen her to be the Mother of the Messiah. Would she accept this Mission?

Then we go on to slowly and prayerfully read Luke 1:26 to 38. We may be familiar with this passage. But as we read it now, in the context of our lives, what is the Holy Spirit saying to us today?

The Lord is with you right now in your life. You have found favor with Him, not because you deserve it, but because He gratuitously chooses you for an important Mission. That mission today is to share Jesus with your spouse, your children, your co-workers, your neighbors and all those you will meet at home, at work and at recreation.

You share by the witness of your life and also by praying for others, entering into their world humbly and joyfully. The Holy Spirit will help you how to reach out and share Jesus according to the felt needs of those people who are open to receive Jesus. Be a humble servant like Mary.

The Spirit will reveal to you how, when and where to share Jesus with others. You can only share who you are and what you have. If Jesus dwells in your heart and home, then you will be able to be a channel of his presence, love and life to others. It is the Holy Spirit who will enable you to do this, if you sincerely invite Him to use you for this great mission.

Mary was a simple woman who worked hard to look after her family. But in everything she did, she was strengthened by the Spirit who overshadowed her, the Word whom she contemplated in her life, the Father who loved her and provided her with the grace she needed to answer the call.

It is God's power at work in your weakness, if you are available to Him. He needs you for this mission in life. Nothing is impossible with God. All He requires is your availability and your readiness to obey the Holy Spirit, whom He pours into the hearts of all whom He has washed clean by the blood of His Son, Jesus.

We have already been anointed by the Holy Spirit at our Baptism and Confirmation. But He respects our freedom. So we must empty ourselves right now of sinfulness, selfishness, egoism and pride. Then only will we be able to hear God's word spoken to us in the context of our present life-situation.

With Mary I say: " I am the servant of the Lord. Let God's Word act in my life and transform me into an Agent who will carry on this Mission."

Continue today to be open to the Holy Spirit who will reveal to you how to use the opportunities He gives you and to obey His inspirations. It does not mean projecting yourself or drawing attention to yourself. You must decrease and Jesus must increase. Your mission is to share Jesus with others today. Let Jesus be in your mind and in your heart and on your lips in whatever you do. You are there to be his hands and voice to others, as the Holy Spirit chooses to use you.

No one else has the same gifts, opportunities and people in their lives to reach out to, as you do right now. So go ahead and pray "Here I am Lord".

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