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The Way of the Cross

1st station
Forgive us Lord for the many times we have remained uninvolved when a brother or sister was unjustly treated. We did not want to get into trouble or waste our time. We have often been ungrateful and forgetful of the benefits we have received from others and not stood by them in their hour of need. We have been quick to judge and condemn others when we are ourselves are sinners. Have mercy on us, Lord.

2nd station
Lord, forgive us for grumbling and complaining when we experience the cross in our lives. We forget we are being pruned, by Abba Father in order to bear more fruit. We deserve to suffer for our sins, whereas you were innocent. Let us see the cross as a challenge to eradicate the causes of suffering and misery. Grant that we may willingly embrace the cross and walk in your footsteps. Have mercy on us, Lord.

3rd station
Lord, how quick we are to abuse the power, the money and the gifts you give us for our own benefit, rather than in the service of others. Forgive us. When we face our weakness and are at the mercy of others, let us remember how you suffered at the hands of the ruthless to forgive us for our pride, self-righteousness and arrogance. Make us meek and humble of heart and open to your grace and love. Have mercy on us, Lord.

4th station
Like Mary, your Mother and ours, may we also not take back the yes of our baptism, marriage or religious commitment. May we turn to her for courage and strength to embrace the cross and finish the race with perseverance. Help us to rely on your grace rather than on our own strength. Let us choose to be helpful and respectful to the poor and marginalized, remembering the words of Mary's song of thanksgiving. Have mercy on us, Lord.

5th station
Lord, how privileged we would feel could we exchange places with Simon to help you carry your cross. You tell us that whatever we do to the least of your brothers and sisters, we do unto you. You will reward those who merely give a cup of cold water in your name. Help us to remember that this is the criterion by which we will be judged rather than the piety we exhibit for others to see. Have mercy on us, Lord.

6th station
Lord, like Veronica, may we recognise your face, beneath the blood, grime and spittle in the suffering, weak and humiliated brothers and sisters we pass by on the road. Help us to show small signs of love, respect and kindness to those who are down and out, so that we may give them back their self-respect and dignity, as your precious children. Forgive us for the times we have acted disrespectfully towards others. Have mercy on us, Lord.

7th station
Lord we are so often tempted to wallow in self-pity and give up trying when we fail. Like you, it takes courage to answer a call and to fulfil the mission you entrust to us as your disciples. Help us to seek from you the grace and strength that is sufficient for us. Let us learn from our handicapped brethren who have the courage and grace to live as fully as they can, relying on you. Have mercy on us, Lord.

8th station
Lord, help us to remember that both our good deeds and our sins have a ripple effect on others. No one can live as an island, journeying through life alone. Where there is hatred let us bring your love. Make us channels of your peace to others. Let us stop the evil that is destroying others and the world in which we live. Have mercy on us, Lord.

9th station
Lord, let us turn to Abba Father in humble prayer for the grace and strength to walk in your footsteps, when we are tempted to take the down-hill road that leads to hell.It is so hard today to be your disciple when we are so easily tempted by money, power and pleasure to worship ourselves and build a false security from those who flatter us.Before it is too late, may we repent. Have mercy on us, Lord.

10th station
Lord, we so often hide behind an armour of caste, wealth, reputation and learning. Naked we came from our mother's womb and naked will we return in death for we cannot take anything with us into the grave except what we willingly shared with those in need. When we are weak and defenceless, let us open our hands and hearts to you to receive love and help. Have mercy on us, Lord.

11th station
Lord, we know that in the measure that we forgive, will we be forgiven. You tell us to be merciful as our heavenly father is merciful. You warn us that we shall be judged and condemned in the same measure that we judge and condemn others. So please remove our hard hearted, proud hearts of stone and give us hearts that can love, forgive and feel the pain of others. Have mercy on us, Lord.

12th station
Lord, we do not know when or where or how we will die. We do not know whether we will be prepared or face a sudden death. We know that as a man lives, so shall he die. Help us now to change our lives so that we may surrender all that we have and are to you and allow you to be Lord in every area of our lives. May your holy spirit lead, guide, comfort and teach us now how to do this so that at the moment of death, we may be open to receive the fullness of life. Have mercy on us, Lord.

13th station
Lord, we thank you for Mary whom you gave us to be our Mother and model as your disciples. Like Mother Mary, may our lives be continually open to the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, so that we may share Jesus with others everyday. At the hour of our death, may she be at our side to protect us against the evil one and to lead us into your presence, to see you face to face in glory. Have mercy on us. Lord.

14th station
Lord, lead us from falsehood to you who are the Truth. Lead us from the darkness of sin to the light of grace. Lead us from death to resurrection. Help us to remember that we are pilgrims passing through this world. May your kingdom come more and more into our hearts and world so that all peoples may live together as your brothers and sisters and as precious children of Abba Father. Have mercy on us, Lord