Originals and Copies

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The experience of San Giovanni Rotondo continued to haunt me as walked along the Tiber this morning. Crowds flock to visit the tomb of Padre Pio because he was a holy man. Genuine holiness always attracts; for what else is holiness but the life and love of God within us? And God is a consuming fire! A fire of love that attracts absorbs and assimilates.

Holiness is not the privileged preserve of a few but the common call of every Christian for all of us are called to be holy: to let God's life and love take root and grow in us; to interiorize and then radiate His life and love. Holiness is therefore accessible!

All fruits when mature are sweet though each is sweet in its own way. Is a ripe mango sweet? Surely! And a ripe banana? Undoubtedly! The mango cannot have the sweetness of the banana nor the banana the sweetness of the mango. Each must discover and attain its own sweetness. So too each of us must discover and attain his or her own holiness depending on where God has placed and planted us. We do not have to be Padre Pios; but we must be Saints! God wants originals; not just copies.

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