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My thoughts along the Tiber this morning were on the theme of the Plenary Assembly of this Dicastery that we just concluded: "HOW TO SPEAK OF GOD TO PEOPLE TODAY"*.

There was so much inspired thinking and so many insights shared. We need to speak about God for that remains a permanent mandate. But all that we can say about God is what Be has first said to us. If God had remained silent, would we have ever been able to know Him or speak about Him? And even of what He has spoken how little have we heard and understood? Would that we could now meet to share the need we have to listen to God!

God has not stopped speaking. Is He not saying something to us through the natural cataclysms of floods, fires and earthquakes? Is He not speaking to us through the collapse of totalitarian regimes? Is He not addressing us through the wave of violence and war that we see even in our civilised world? Is He not telling us something through the gigantic strides made by science and technology? Is He not speaking to our heart through the example of so many who undertake the challenge of seeking Him in service, silence and solitude?
God continues to speak to us. We need to 1earn bow to listen to Him! Only when we have listened to Him can we speak about Him to others!

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