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All roads lead to Rome but only one way leads to the Father. And that one way is Jesus. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He is the surest way and the shortest way. All other ways ultimately lead us nowhere.

But the Way of Jesus is the Way of the Cross. It is a narrow way. It is a difficult way. That is why few take to it. But it is the way that leads to salvation. Some self-appointed "gurus" have come out with other ways. They have devised other "short-cuts". They keep on peddling their wares in the flea market of fake spirituality. The number of those who flock to them, only to be disillusioned and deluded as they realise that the short-cuts they took have landed them nowhere except at the starting point where they began! The way of the Master is the way of suffering. It is not the suffering that leads to death. Rather it is the suffering that leads through death to life. Death is not the terminus but only the transition point.

We are so accustomed to a God Who is powerful. We are familiar with a God Who at a word creates. We get easily scandalised by a God Who is weak. We are shocked by a God Who suffers. We find it difficult to understand a God Who allows His enemies to triumph and nail Him to the Cross. And yet, it is this "powerless God" transfixed to and hung on the gibbet that is so powerful as to take away the sins of the whole world. This lamb, Who was led to the slaughter and Who opened not his mouth, Who was sheared and scourged, Who pleaded on behalf of and uttered words of forgiveness for His enemies, is the lamb Who by completing his Way of the Cross and dying on that Cross, brought about our salvation. If ever we are tempted to take to other ways, we need only to behold Jesus on the Cross. It will clear our perspective and change our priorities.

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