Making Rainbows

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In my life, there has always been some sunshine and some rain. But then you came along and showed me how to make rainbows." I have received few compliments better than this coming from a young religious sister whom I first came to know some years back during a retreat that I was asked to direct. The greatest gift we can offer another is not some little trinket from our own
pocket, but the wisdom to discern and discover the treasure that she/he already possesses.

In this sense, we must learn to "create" others and help them to discover and develop all that wealth that lies buried deep within them. We are told that like the proverbial tip of the iceberg, 90% of the goodness and beauty that we are remains unseen and unexplored. If we could only bring to the surface all this wealth, what a richer life would be ours. Even more, what a better world would be ours! One of our deepest joys is to see others grow and blossom to their full potential.

The essential tragedy of our human condition is that 90% of the best in us seldom surfaces. It remains dormant and dead. We need others to make patent what is latent, to harness what lies hidden, to unearth what is inert. We need others to mirror our own goodness so that we can see our beauty in their eyes, hear our melody in their voices and find the echo of our love in their hearts.

So many people already have the sunshine and the rain in their life. All they need is to have someone come along to show them how to make rainbows! Could we be just that someone?

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