Silent Music

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Autumn has its own beauty. The maple trees along the Tiber are already preparing themselves for the onslaught of winter. Nature has begun its annual stock-taking and loadshedding. In a matter of months, these sturdy maples will be bare and will expose their skeletal structure. But all the leaves do not drop at once. Some, already dried and shriveled , lie along the path tossed about by every gust of wind. Others have turned a golden yellow and are in the process of falling away. While some, still adorning their youthful green, continue to cling on to the boughs and branches with a vigorous tenacity.

Each of them has its own rhythm of maturity and its own life span as well. Is this not true also of each of us? We do not grow and mature at the same pace. Neither is our span of life of the same length. And each of us, during the time that has been leased to us on earth, has been assigned a task, a mission, a job. That mission no one else can do. It is mine and, so specifically mine, that if I do not do it, it will remain undone. The important thing in life is not so much what we do, but rather , that we do what has been assigned to and asked of us as best as we can.

I like to think that God, the Master-Composer has made the human family like an orchestra. To each of us has He assigned a score and a time both to enter and exit. In an orchestra each of the musicians, whether they play the winds, the percussions or the strings, plays his or her part in a manner that must harmonise with the rest. Some have a greater part in the melody; others, less. And some will strike or play just once and remain silent while the rest of the orchestra continues to play. They dare not play again lest they ruin the melody! After they have played their part, their contribution now to the melody is silence! We are called to play our part no matter how big or small as best as we can. If we fail to enter and exit as and when required to by the Master-Composer, the melody of the universe would be either inconsonant or incomplete. There comes
a time when the music must stop because the melody is over.

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