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It had rained the whole of last night. God had showered His bounteous blessings on the Tiber which was in full flow. It seemed in a hurry to give egged on by a pressing generosity. How true this is! The more one receives, the more one must give. A blessing is best enjoyed when it is shared.

Nature illustrates this ever so often. The more foliage a tree has, the more shade it provides for others. The more a rose bush blossoms, the more roses it produces and the more widespread is its fragrance. The more a vine yields, the more grapes it brings forth. Nature never hoards; it gifts away its superabundance.

We human beings seem to have forgotten this lesson. There are those who hoard while others are in dire need. There are those who unscrupulously hide stocks of essential commodities only to create an artificial scarcity, and thus hike their prices way beyond what the poor can afford.

We need to learn from Nature. God blesses us so that we in tum might become a blessing for others. God pours riches into our lap so that we might channel them to the poor and the needy. As I travel to different parts of the world I marvel at the way conveyor belts at the airports "dispossess" themselves. What a wonderful "sense of detachment" they possess! Such precious and personal luggage is placed on them, heaps and loads of all kinds of baggage is entrusted to them, only to be given away to travelers. We are God's "conveyor belts!" God places wealth in our hands so that we might give it away to the needy. God's blessings are never to be hoarded but to be shared. To hoard a gift is not only to deprive others who need it; it is also an insult to the Giver of all gifts, God Himself!

Let me make an inventory of the things I have. Are there things that I hoard when others need them even more? Am I wallowing in luxury while others are deprived of what is necessary? How particularly blessed are those who at least at transfer times are compelled to take stock of the immense rubbish" that they have accumulated! They had tucked it all away for a rainy day. And it had not rained for years!

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