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The flowing waters of the Tiber made me reflect on the cleansing waters of repentance. The words of Peter came to mind: "Depart from me, Lord, for I am a sinner!" (Lk 5:8). Did Peter really want Jesus to leave him alone? Who but a sinner needs Jesus more? What then made Peter say what he did?

His own sense of personal unworthiness. He felt unworthy to be in the presence of Jesus wonderstruck as he was by the miraculous catch of fish! Without Jesus a whole nights labour in vain ........ empty nets. With Jesus and at His Word a miraculous catch ....... nets filled to breaking point!

I have come across several saintly persons, persons who have embarrassed me by their sanctity, stating that they felt truly unworthy before God. The more one comes into the light, the more one sees and senses the reality that one is! Only a saint knows that he is a sinner!

Possibly, the greatest sin of our world is that it has lost its sense of sin. Conscience has been killed and unceremoniously buried. We have been blinded by evil and live in darkness. The tragedy of living in darkness is that one gets accustomed to it. Have you ever tried entering an unfamiliar room at night when it is dark? You fumble as you search, for the switch. But if you stay still and remain for a while in the dark, you will soon get used to darkness and will be able to see your way. So too it is with moral darkness. We grow used to it our conscience deadened and our reason blinded; we now begin to get dazed by the light instead!

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