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The placid waters of the Tiber reflected accurately the maples that flank its banks. So still was the river, hat I could see reflected every branch and leaf.

Stillness is necessary for reflection. One of the characteristics of our modem world is its fast pace. Ours is an age of "instantness" instant coffee, instant cricket, instant communication and who knows what else! Ours is an age of restlessness.

One gets the feeling that at least sometimes people keep themselves busy and preoccupied because they are afraid of confronting and being confronted by the reality that they are. It can be frightening to look into one's own reflection. And so they whip themselves hard to be always on the move. And alas! At times they whip others as well!

We need time to be still, to reflect. Just to be. Because being is more important than doing. In fact the quality of our doing flows from the quality of our being. Being still is not idleness; rather, it is a creative pause when we take time to ponder, to reflect, to stop and enjoy the reality that we are. It was a wise man who remarked that "the unreflected life is not worth living.

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