God's Being

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To love is to live and to live one must love. Only he who loves, lives because he who loves, lives in God and God lives and loves in him. And God alone lives. He alone IS. His alone is the eternal NOW. He always IS. He is the source not only of life but of love as well. God IS love. He, who does not love, does not live. He merely exists. What is worse, his existence is a wearisome burden! Not to love is to die even before one has passed away.

All that ultimately counts both for time as well as for eternity is love. The only regret that we need ever have is not to have loved enough. In the evening of our life when the sun has set and the shadows lengthen, when life slowly but surely ebbs away, when we find ourselves gently drifting into the ocean of eternity, it is by love alone that we shall be judged.

When we love, we resemble God most. We better start loving on earth because our whole eternity will be spent and depend on loving! Make me, dear Lord, a holocaust of love!

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