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Days, weeks, months and years have passed but the Tiber flows. Generations have been born and have passed away, but the Tiber flows. Civilisations have risen and fallen, but the Tiber flows. The incessant flow of the Tiber reminds me that life must go on.

We meet and then part, but life must go on. Movement is the stable element in life. I recalled bidding adieu to G. It was a friendship that we had built over the years; a friendship that made us share our joys and sorrows; a friendship that had brought us closer together. Then came the time for him to leave. His studies over, he was flying home. And we who had lived in the same house would soon be separated by hundreds and hundreds of miles of land and sea. We shook hands and were locked for a moment in a brotherly embrace. I could see his eyes moisten even as I tried to swallow the lump of grief that was rising in my throat. Would we ever meet again? But life must go on for we continue to live in the hearts of those we love.

We cannot be so inhuman as not to experience the pain of separation. We cannot be so stoic as not to feel the absence of those whom we love. A life without feeling is already dead. But life must go on.

I have sometimes been told by those who love me deeply that when I die their world would collapse and life would have no meaning. That would be a double tragedy for it would mean two deaths not just one! "No, you must continue to live for life must go on" I assured them. And all the while I mused and reminisced, the Tiber continued to flow for life must go on!

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