Structuring Society

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The tall sturdy trees along the Tiber remind me constantly as to how society needs to be structured. The deep roots nourish the broad trunk which in turn breaks forth into branches that yield flowers and fruits. The strong and sturdy form the base that support and bear the weight of the weak and the feeble. If only this structure were observed in society!

Alas the structure of our society seems so topsy-turvy. The weak and the feeble are pushed to the base and are expected to bear the burden of the strong and the sturdy! A structure that is so lop-sided is bound to collapse. No wonder there is so much unrest in society, so much revolt and rebellion as the weak and the feeble crushed beneath find the burden unbearable.

A society that is so lopsidedly structured is bound to prove oppressive. We seem to have learned the lesson from Nature when we put up buildings: the foundations are always deep and strong so as to be able to bear the weight of the entire edifice. Yet we forget it when it comes to structuring society. Not only do the strong oppress the weak but they think it their right to remain at the top and to enjoy in perpetuity their exalted position. Strength is given us not to exploit but to be expended in service.

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