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Crack! Even before I knew what had happened a branch came crashing down as I walked along the Tiber this morning! There it lay bare and broken on the pavement condemned to death and decay. As long as it adorned the sturdy maple of which it was a part, it appeared to be so full of energy and life. But now?

We are at times tempted to consider brokenness as a waste. We might even equate brokenness with uselessness. Brokenness can almost sound as tragic as defeat or disaster. And yet I have learned from life that brokenness can be the beginning of newness. How would the sturdy maple flaunt new branches if the older ones did not break and drop?

Have you seen a potter at work? When what has emerged despite his dexterity does not really shape up to the form he had in mind, he just breaks his creation only to fashion it anew.
God is like a Master Potter. He breaks us at times to shape us anew and to make of us something even more beautiful than what we first were! It is in brokenness that His power is best at work as He re-creates us!

We need never look at our brokenness in self-pity or sadness. The old must break for the new to emerge!

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