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It had rained right through the night. This morning, the Tiber looked so full as it hurriedly flowed past as though wanting to give more generously and quickly what it had received all night long.

The more we receive, the more must we give. God's gifts to us are not meant to be hoarded but shared. The best way to appreciate a gift is to share it. When we share God's gifts to us with others, not only the gifts but we ourselves become a blessing!

Through Nature God teaches us the same lesson: to live is to give; to give is to live. Trees offer their shade for others; flowers bloom and spray their fragrance for others; birds sing for others; the wind blows for others; the sun shines, the moon glows and stars twinkle for others; rivers flow for others.

Alas! We have become so impervious to these truths. We want to grab. We fail to realise that only the hand that is open in giving can be open also to receive; only the heart that is generous in sharing God's blessings can in turn be empty enough to receive more. The more empty we are, the more God fills us. And the more God fills us, the more we must give to and share with others.

I walked along the Tiber but could not keep pace with its rapid flow. It seemed to be in a mighty hurry to give and to share!

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