'Interior Winters'

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Long before dawn, in the cold stillness of early morning the birds have already begun chanting their lauds as they praise the Lord with grateful song awaiting the gift of yet another sunrise and yet another day. Where was this choir all through winter? Possibly, rehearsing in secret! Mimosa blossoms splashing the tree tops yellow with lavish generosity herald in anticipation the advent of spring. They remind me of those lyrics: "Tie a yellow ribbon ........ " How prodigal indeed God is with His pigments with the entire Universe as His canvas! And where was all this colour in winter? Possibly, being processed in silence!

And all this "sight and sound festival" made me wonder and ponder. Must there not be an interiorisation before the exhibition? A conception before birth? Intense work behind the scenes before the stage performance? A withdrawal before actual involvement?

Ours is indeed a world propelled by frenetic activity with everybody trying to elbow his/her way in this seeming, never ending rat race. We want to be where the action is. We want to appear publicly on the stage. We disdain action that is hidden and unseen. And we end up "by making a little noise that goes with the wind"!

I have come to realise that even the holiest of actions if not born of silence and solitude, of apparently useless hours of intense prayer and suffering, of long and dreary "interior winters", begins by distracting us, continues to dissipate us and finally destroys us! Cedars of Lebanon have fallen because their roots weakened. Commitment to people, and not mere causes howsoever noble these might be, will endure only if it is rooted in and nourished by the wellsprings of communion with God! Spring always follows winter!

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