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The Tiber as it flowed past reminded me of what true love is. Love is a self-emptying process. It is a process and not a product. A product is something finished and complete; whereas a process is something that continues and is never really finished. It goes on and on. Love never ends.

Love is indeed a self-emptying process for to love is to empty oneself for and in the beloved; to be lost for and in the beloved. For love has eyes and a heart only for the beloved. The more one loves, the more one empties oneself; the more one loves, the more one loses oneself. The deeper the love, the more generous the self-emptying. The pleroma of love demands the kenosis of self; the fullness of love demands the emptying of self.

That is how Jesus loves us. He emptied himself and became like unto us in all things but sin. And in this self-emptying lay the brilliance of the incarnation:. God got lost; lost in humanity. For He became so much one of us that when He came unto His own. He was neither recognised nor received.

Emptying oneself is not easy; it means forgetting oneself and remembering only the beloved;
it means impoverishing oneself and enriching the beloved; it means dying to oneself and living only for the beloved.

Few persons, if at all any, love in this way. But when they do, one sees that spark of divinity that lights their hearts afire with true love

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