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I brought before my mind's eye as I walked along the Tiber, the number of faces I saw and gazed at while travelling by train this morning: the face of a child with such sparkling eyes so full of wonder; the faces of teenagers as they rather boisterously joked with and teased one another; the faces of adults so pensive and lost in thought as they prepared for yet another work day.

But the one face that caught my attention was that of a young man, possibly in his early twenties; who stood in a corner by the exit all wrapped in himself, unshaven, with long tousled hair and blank glassy eyes, sequestered, solitary and sad. He was lonely in a crowd. At one stage I was almost inclined to make conversation with him but desisted out of respect lest I intrude uninvited and unwelcome into his world.

What a marvelous mirror the human face is! It reflects what is deepest in us. It is the most expressive part of the human body. And the human body never lies: if one is hungry, one is hungry; if one is sleepy, one is sleepy. The mind can lie and deny the truth; but not the human body. It is the best barometer of our "real human climate".

There is something so exquisitely great, something so wonderfully transparent about the human face and body that even when God became man, He assumed a human body and
took on human features!

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