One Step at a Time

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It was a very misty morning as I walked along the Tiber with visibility reduced to barely a few yards. I could scarcely see the river. But there it was flowing, moving, going on! I reflected. Mist or no mist, the river flows. Mist or no mist, life must go on. At times, mists cloud my path. I could be in a cloud of doubt or darkness. But life must go on.

I will never know the whole Truth because Truth is beyond me. I would be scorched by the blazing splendor of its fullness. God gives us enough light and visibility for just one step - and when we have taken that. He gives us a little more, for the next. Life must go on. Or, I could be under a cloud of misunderstanding and mistrust. The mists will clear. In the meantime, life must go on.

We do not know where God leads us; that is not necessary. But we know that God leads us; this is enough. In either case, life must go on just as the river continues to flow.

"Lead kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom
Lead Thou me on ….
I do not ask to see the distant scene

One step enough for me!"

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